15+ years experience, work is done in a stress free environment, where I work one on one with your furry kids, that way I am able to bond and get to know your pets and make it a postitive experience for both of us. You can drop them off and they will be ready in just a few hours. Liza’s Grooming Boutique uses only Eco- Friendly products…Good for the environment, gentle and good for your pets!

Full grooms include nails, ear cleaning, underpads trimmed and sanitary clip

Dogs:       Cats:  
X-small $25-35     Short Hair $45-55
Small $40-50     Medium Hair $60-$70
Medium $55-70     Long Hair $75+
Large $75-95     Depending on temperament and condition of coat
Depending on coat    

Nails $7-15 depending on temperament

Nail polish $10

Teeth $15 or $7 with full groom

Ears $5

Flea bath $10-20 depending on severity of fleas

Specialty baths $10 + full groom

Service dogs 10% off any service

Animal rescue organizations 10% off any service

if you are a family of 2 you recieve 5% off a family of 3 10% off and a family of 4 or more 15% off of full grooms only.

*Liza’s grooming boutique does not pluck ears